HCC Livestock Judging
Monday, May 29, 2017
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HCC Livestock Judging

The livestock judging program at Hutchinson Community College offers a unique experience giving students a chance to develop their livestock selection abilities while traveling the country to some of the industry’s elite operations. Through this rigorous learning process, students can expect to familiarize themselves with the tools it takes to visually appraise livestock and develop an understanding of performance records relevant to the industry and the management of one’s personal operation. Additionally, the diverse skill set and a network of contacts established through a student’s time on this competitive team will prove to increase their marketability to potential employers upon graduation.

Academics are a strong component of the program and our students are committed to a certain level of scholastic achievement. With the quality of education and the support of the instructors, students can feel comfortable leaving HCC academically prepared for the transition into a four year university.

Hutchinson Community College’s central location in Hutchinson, Kansas is ideal for a traveling judging team.  We are in close proximity to some of the country’s premiere breeders, a reasonable distance from the contests attended, and minutes away from the Kansas State Fairgrounds.


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2014-2015 Livestock Judging Team Results

Flint Hills Classic – El Dorado, KS
Sophomore Team:
Champion Team Overall
1st Team Reasons
1st Swine
1st Sheep
2nd High Team Cattle

Lane Mai – High Individual Overall, 3rd Reasons, 3rd Swine, 6th Sheep/Goats
Coffman Liggett – 5th Overall, 2nd Reasons, 3rd Sheep/Goats, 10th Cattle
Riley Lafrentz – 7th Overall, 5th Sheep/Goats, 9th Swine
Grace Hammer – 12 Overall
Ted Creech – 14th Overall

Freshmen Team:
7th Overall, 5th Cattle, 6th Swine, 8th Sheep, 7th Reasons
Taylor Ohlde – 12th Overall

Mid-American Classic – Wichita, KS

Sophomore Team:
3rd High Team Overall
2nd Reasons
4th Cattle
3rd Sheep

Lane Mai – 2nd High Individual Overall, 1st Reasons, 3rd Swine, 4th Cattle
Coffman Liggett – 7th Overall

Freshmen Team:
3rd High Team Overall, 3rd Sheep, 5th Cattle, 5th Reasons

AK-SAR-BEN – Omaha, NE
Sophomore Team:
3rd High Team Overall
1st Team Reasons
2nd High Team Sheep
2nd High Team Cattle
6th High Team Swine

Sophomore Individuals:
Coffman Liggett – High Individual Overall, 1st Cattle, 1st Reasons, 1st Swine
Ted Creech – 3rd High Overall, 4th Cattle, 5th Sheep
Lane Mai – 2nd Reasons
Grace Hammer – 11th Reasons, 9th Sheep
Riley Lafrentz – 12th Reasons
Madison Tew – 11th Swine

Freshmen Team:
Reserve Champion Team Overall, 1st Cattle, 3rd Swine, 3rd Reasons, 5th Sheep

Maddi Butler – 2nd High Overall, 3rd Reasons, 5th Sheep, 7th Cattle, 6th Swine
Hannah Moyer – 5th High Overall, 9th Cattle
Kaitlynn Bolduc – 7th High Overall, 2nd Cattle
Jonah Biench – 3rd Cattle
Ryley Noble – 10th Cattle
Bailee Porter – 8th Cattle

Tulsa State Fair – Tulsa, OK

Sophomore Team:
Reserve Champion Team Overall
1st Swine
2nd Cattle
3rd Reasons
7th Sheep

Riley Lafrentz – 2nd High Individual Overall, 7th Swine
Lane Mai – 12th Overall, 1st Reasons

Freshmen Team:
3rd High Team Overall, 1st Swine, 3rd Cattle, 7th Reasons

Greg Schlickau – 5th Cattle
Taylor Ohlde – 2nd Swine
Ryley Noble – 9th Reasons, 12th Overall

Premiere Stockman – Auburn, IN
Individual Contest Only
Lauren Geis – High Individual Cattle, 9th Overall
Justin Loomis – 5th Sheep

American Royal – Kansas City, MO
Reserve Champion Team
1 Swine
3rd Reasons
3rd Sheep
4th Cattle

Riley Lafrentz – High Individual Overall, 1st Cattle, 7th Reasons
Coffman Liggett – 4th Overall, 3rd Swine, 4th Reasons

North American International Livestock Exposition – Louisville, KY
3rd High Team Overall
1st Reasons
1st Cattle
1st Cattle Performance
1st Swine
2nd Swine Performance

Coffman Liggett – 2nd High Individual Overall, 3rd Reasons, 5th Sheep, 5th Swine
Riley Lafrentz – 3rd Overall, 4th Cattle, 6th Swine, 11th Reasons
Lane Mai – 7th Reasons

National Western Stock Show – Denver, CO
Reserve Champion Carload Team
Caleb Marshall – 8th Overall
6th High Team Overall
3rd Reasons
7th Cattle

Coffman Liggett – 5th High Overall, 1st Cattle, 1st Cattle Reasons, 5th Reasons, 5th Market Steers
Riley Lafrentz – 12th Overall, 2nd Cattle, 3rd Cattle Reasons
Lane Mai – 2nd Reasons, 1st Swine, 7th Sheep/Goats, 10th Market Steers

Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeo – Fort Worth, TX
Champion Team Overall
1st Swine
4th Cattle
4th Reasons
5th Sheep
5th Horses

Riley Lafrentz – 2nd High Individual Overall, 3rd Horses, 10th Reasons
Lane Mai – 5th Overall, 4th Cattle, 7th Reasons
Coffman Liggett – 8th Overall, 5th Swine
Grace Hammer – 16th Overall

Nebraska Cattlemen’s Classic – Kearney, NE
Champion Team Overall
1st Reasons
2nd Placings

Teddy Creech – High Individual Overall, 2nd Placings, 9th Reasons
Lane Mai – 2nd High Overall, 10th Placings, 1st Reasons
Riley Lafrentz – 4th Overall, 11th Placings, 4th Reasons
Coffman Liggett – 6th Overall, 12th Placings, 7th Reasons
Jonah Biensch – 8th Placings
Ryley Noble – 12 Reasons

San Antonio Livestock Exposition – San Antonio, TX
4th High Team Overall
4th Cattle
5th Goat
6th Sheep
7th Reasons
7th Swine

Lane Mai – 5th High Overall, 1st Reasons, 2nd Swine, 8th Cattle

Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo – Houston, TX
3rd High Team Overall
2nd Reasons
2nd Cattle
5th Goats
5th Placings

Riley Lafrentz – #2 ALL AMERICAN, 5th High Individual Overall, 3rd Reasons, 6th Sheep/Goats, 9th Cattle
Coffman Liggett - #1 ALL AMERICAN, 2nd Placings, 10th Sheep/Goats, 8th Cattle
Lane Mai – 10th Cattle, 11th Reasons
Ted Creech – 11th placings, 11th cattle

NACTA – Moline, IL
Junior College Sweepstakes Champion
Champion Team - Meat Animal Evaluation and Livestock Management
Grace Hammer - High Individual Overall
Coffman Liggett - 2nd
Lane Mai-6th
Lauren Geis-8th overall

Champion Team - Computer Applications
Madison Tew-4th
Maddi Butler-7th
Hannah Moyer-9th

Reserve Champion - Dairy Judging
Lane Mai-3rd overall
Teddy Creech 4th overall

Reserve Champion - Horse Judging
Caleb Marshall-2nd overall
Lauren Geis-3rd overall



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